Within eight years of its establishment, PERT has carried out over 130 activities/ events serving both as a think- tank and as a bridge to public awareness. Examples:

Policy inputs

Expert discussions leading to formal memoranda or communications to relevant authorities on work of the Eleventh & Twelfth Finance Commissions, Fiscal Provisions of the Constitution, Fiscal Responsibility Bill, an Alternative Fiscal Responsibility Bill. Fiscal Stabilizations and Debt. Sustainability. National Rural Employment Guarantee Legislation and Rules, Rethinking Approaches to Delivery of Public Services, Administrative Reforms and M.P.’s Local Area Development Scheme.
Discussions with the Chairman of Expenditure Commission of Government of India and Chairman of the Staff and Expenditure Reforms Commission, Tamilnadu.
Expert discussions on ‘Crisis in State’s Finances’ and finances of Local bodies.
A Preliminary analysis towards a Fiscal Responsibility Index for State Governments – a Paper on which was communicated to Finance Secretaries of 19 States.
National Seminar of ‘FISC2020: India’s Long Term – Fiscal Outlook’ and dissemination of its results.
Participation in a Tamilnadu Government Task Force on Financial Management.
Seminar on introduction of VAT in Tamilnadu.

Sectoral Efficiency

A one day Seminar on Energy Efficiency and Energy Conversation.
Two pamphlets in Tamil containing tips on i) Energy Conversation for domestic  Consumers and ii) Guidelines for agricultural Consumers.
Promotion of savings in Street lighting by panchayats including a pamphlet.
A Pamphlet on water conservation and rain water harvesting.
A Seminar on Delivery of Urban Services.
A Seminar on implementation of the National Urban Renewal Mission.

Public Meetings and Awareness Generation:

Holding of meetings addressed by eminent persons on subjects such as Elections and Public Expenditure, Public Expenditure and Corruption, Public Procurement Practices, Railway Expenditure, etc.,
Meetings for specific stake-holder groups – women, Professional managers (so far).
Comments on Budget Speeches in
Addressing Post-Budget Meetings, Meeting Series on implementation Challenges of the Union Budget.

Papers and Publications:

Preparation of a paper for the Madras Institute of Development Studies on ‘The Eleventh Finance Commission: the case of Tamil Nadu’.
Publication of over twenty five articles in news Papers on various aspects of Public expenditure management.
Wide dissemination as a pamphlet a PERT Paper on “Dimensions of Public Expenditure Management” by Forum of Free Enterprise, Mumbai.
Book on “Public Expenditure:  A Rising Challenge”.
Book on “FISC2020 : India’s Long-Term Fiscal Outlook”.
Two Tamil Monographs on Public Expenditure Management and India’s Long-term Fiscal Outlook.
Three PERT Monographs (Fiscal Responsibility index for State Governments, Long-term Prospects of State Electricity Utilities), Long-Term trends in Fiscal Management in States.
Launching of a Website

Collaboration and Co-sponsorship (Examples)

Keynote address on “Public Expenditure Management and Efficiency” and papers on “Expenditure Management” and “Public Expenditure on Infrastructure” in two national Seminars Organized by the Institute of Public Enterprises and Public Administration.
Support to Madras University, Department of Politics and Public Administration in Organization of a seminar on “Finances of Tamil Nadu State Government.” Collaboration in Organization of a National Seminar on “FISC2020: India’s Long-Term Fiscal Outlook” and another on the Rural Employment Guarantee Bill.
Annual Lectures (Ambirajan Memorial Lecture) in Collaboration with Institute of Economic Education.
Collaboration with Indian Liberal Group on a “Liberal Budget”.
Launching of a PERT Chapter in Jansons School of Business near Coimbatore.
Assistance from Indian Bank for Computer Equipment.
Joint Seminars with Southern India Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Involving Youth:

Talks to students in Colleges on understanding Government Budgets.
Inter – Collegiate debates “Big Fight” on Public Expenditure and the institution of a rolling shield.

On the Anvil (as of June 2007)

Meeting Series on Local Body finances.
A Certificate Course in Fiscal economics for Colleges.
Emphasis on delivery aspects and Social audit.
Establishment of PERT ‘Outposts’ in the districts of Tamilnadu and Several State Capitals.
Continuation of work on a Fiscal Responsibility Index as an alerting signal.
Further promotion of energy savings.
Continuation of regular activities.
PERT has now drawn up a Five Year Programme of activities and is awaiting long-term funding

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